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consciousness with earth’s medicine

Our community benefits from small-batch, affordable medicine that elevates our individual and collective consciousness. To meet this need, we grow our cannabis plants under the sun. This sun-grown approach keeps the medicinal quality high, pricing fair, and our carbon footprint low. Pesticides are never used on our gardens. With MOFGA-Certified Clean Cannabis, we’re grateful to be part of a community of craft cultivators who are continuously learning about this plant and elevating organic cannabis quality in Maine.


in the pursuit of what you love

We believe in everyone’s freedom to experiment and discover new ways to thrive in mind, body, and spirit, with help from the gifts of medicinal herbs. High-quality herbal products are made from plants growing on our farm, whether in the wild or cultivated in our hand-crafted soils, which we nourish with compost teas, native mulches, companion plants, and organic amendments. We practice gratitude and respect for nature’s diversity in our garden and apothecary, where locally made earth medicines fulfill their purpose of helping us thrive.

Offering MOFGA Certified Clean Cannabis

We’re part of a community of farmers who are honoring organically grown cannabis. Third party certification organizations like MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) help raise customer awareness about farming practices. They’re objective observers making sure standards are met, and they help customers have more clarity on the methods used to provide the cannabis we consume. Visit MOFGA to learn more about Certified Clean Cannabis (MC3).

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