About us

Plants for wellness

In addition to serving our community, we use our herbal remedies to support our own wellness and inspired, peaceful living in the beautiful White Mountain foothills. We’re grateful for the opportunity to create natural plant medicines that have been used for centuries throughout many cultures.

Working with nature's gifts


The local aquifers provide some of New England’s highest water quality, supporting soil health and plant vigor. While our growing seasons in the Northeast are shorter than most in the U.S., we continuously adapt our cultivation practices and plant selection to thrive in this place. These adaptations help us practice heightened environmental consciousness.

We are focused on building a thriving, sustainable business by:

  • Optimizing the organic health of our sun-grown gardens
  • Limiting energy and resource consumption
  • Giving back to our local community, economy, and ecosystem


We’re excited to support your journey to wellness

We are devoted to your healing, your wellness, and making medicines of the earth to support your journey. Contact us to learn more.