Circulation Remedy


Herbal Tincture

This tincture is formulated with several herbs to stimulate the circulatory system. In winter months, one spends more time outdoors, enjoys outdoor recreation, and even in cooler indoor temperatures, which can lead to poor blood circulation.

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This tincture includes the organic herbs arjuna, hawthorn berries, black cohosh, capsicum, celery seed, ginger, cinnamon, muira pauma, and adaptogenic schizandra berries. Honey is added for flavor. Macerated in 80 proof rum. Contains no cannabis. 

Take 1 mL (dropper full) 1-3 times daily, as needed, in your drink of choice. 

The amber-colored glass bottle blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting the tincture from losing potency and maintaining health benefits. However, we recommend storing out of sunlight.