Distillate Vape Cartridge, Indica


1 gram

Our Indica distillate vape cartridges (no additives) offer healing, cannabinoid-rich medicine that’s perfect for calming nerves, addressing aches and pains, or settling into a tranquil evening followed by restful sleep. Full-gram cartridges contain only broad-spectrum THC oil with raw CO2 extracted terpenes for a super clean, full flavor profile. No additives, only pure cannabis oil extracted from our sungrown, MOFGA certified, Sativa-dominant ganja flowers. The rich terpene flavor delivers a smooth alternative to smoking flower. Extraction by CBW Labs in Fryeburg, ME, using only clean CO2.

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Onset time is 10-20 minutes. Effects last 3-5 hours. Our cartridges are ideal for people want a fast-acting, portable, and discreet product.