Full-Spectrum THC Tinctures, Indica



Our Indica THC tinctures offer highly versatile, cannabinoid-rich medicine that’s perfect for calming nerves, addressing aches and pains, or settling into a tranquil evening followed by restful sleep. You can place drops under your tongue (sublingual) or mix in your drink of choice.

These 1-ounce (30mL) bottles contain only raw CO2 extracted cannabis oil and organic coconut oil (MCT). The full-spectrum, THC-rich, solvent-free raw cannabis oil is extracted from our sungrown, MOFGA certified, Indica-dominant ganja flowers. Also contains cannabinoids CBD, CBG, and natural terpenes. Extraction by CBW Labs in Fryeburg, ME, using only clean CO2.

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Onset time is 10-20 minutes. Effects last 4-8 hours. Our tinctures are ideal for people who want a fast-acting, long-lasting product that is discreet and portable. Tinctures offer a great alternative for anyone concerned about smoking cannabis. They are also very economical since sublingual absorption rates are higher than the absorption rates from smoking or taking edibles. 

Tinctures are great for precise dosing, allowing the most control over your cannabis experience. 1mL from the 300mg bottle contains 10mg THC. 1mL from the 600mg bottle contains 20mg THC.


300 mg THC, 600 mg THC